Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Wolf Lord: Erik Morkai

Erik Morkai

‘If the other Wolf Lords still knew fear, they would fear Erik Morkai. Named after the Deathwolf long before he took the sign of the two headed beast, Erik has always been grim of aspect. His company boasts a great many Wolf Scouts, fellow veterans who appreciate their master’s taciturn demeanour and no-nonsense approach. Erik usually solves the problems that come his way with swift and bloody acts of violence – he was elected because of his terrifyingly effective methods rather than his personality. His more stable twin, Irnist the Wise, left Erik’s side to serve as Rune Priest to the Great Wolf, an act for which Erik has never truly forgiven him’

Whilst serving in his predecessor, Groth Foebane’s wolf guard, Erik learnt many a lesson many of which were as a result of clumsy leadership on Groth’s part, for although he was a fearsome warrior, almost unparalleled in the chapter, Groth wasn’t a man to ponder. He was brash and impetuous. Many a time Groth discounted intelligence gathered by his scouts opting to charge down the throat of the enemy leading to many space wolves dying, not the deaths of proud warriors of the All Father but of poorly led fools. Along with this Erik saw how many members of Groth’s wolf guard simply agreed with him just to appease his whims, as once he was set on a path he was immoveable as the Fang itself.

These experiences changed Erik greatly over time, greatly tempering his way of thinking. When Erik was elected he changed his company’s scouts from a group of neglected outcasts to key members of the company, the best scouts in the Chapter, if not the Adeptus Astartes. The scouts saved lives with their intelligence before cutting the hamstrings of the enemy allowing Erik’s other warriors to tear out its throat.
Groth did, however, manage to teach Erik one thing, the correct application of one’s shield and as a result many an opponents’ skull has been crushed be a backhand swing of Erik’s storm shield.
Hope you like the snow base - compliments to Owen for the bicarbonate of soda method :)
Next up for the painting desk - Land Raider

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