Monday, 1 November 2010

Wolf Guard: Wulfgar Aki

During Erik’s time as a wolf guard to Groth he met Wulfgar. Old beyond measure Wulfgar was made a member of the wolf guard in the time of Groth due to his unmatched knowledge of heavy weaponry and ability to direct the company’s long fangs. Many battles have been won due to Wulfgar’s subtle manipulation of such firepower. Earlier in his career Wulfgar wielded a huge heavy bolter in battle however this heavy and comparatively cumbersome weapon was deemed too unwieldy when fighting to protect ones lord and hence he was forced to give it up. Although dismayed by his separation from his pride and joy Wulfgar quickly found solace in the form of terminator armour equipped with an assault cannon with which he dispatched armour and infantry with equal ease. Wulfgar’s knowledge of heavy weaponry is only one reason for why he is a valued member of Morkai’s wolf guard. He also serves as Erik’s ‘nay sayer’ constantly questioning a plan in minute detail. More than once Morkai has pretended to apologise to allied commanders for Wulfgar’s aggressive demeanour and questioning even though only minutes before he’d put Wulfgar up to the task.
Praise Russ

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