Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Land Raider - Wulfgar's Wrath

'The mammoth battle tanks of the Imperium have traversed battlefields across the galaxy. Some would say that the Leman Russ Battle Tanks of the Imperial Guard are the last word in armoured warfare however, even though they bare the name of our Primarch, they pale in comparison to the Godhammer pattern Landraider.'
Right then, above we can see Wulfgar's Wrath, one of the Land Raiders in the company of Erik Morkai and his personal transport.
Hope you like it.
Praise Russ
@Owen - good luck crackin' that open with your power klaw can openers :P

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Wolf Lord: Erik Morkai

Erik Morkai

‘If the other Wolf Lords still knew fear, they would fear Erik Morkai. Named after the Deathwolf long before he took the sign of the two headed beast, Erik has always been grim of aspect. His company boasts a great many Wolf Scouts, fellow veterans who appreciate their master’s taciturn demeanour and no-nonsense approach. Erik usually solves the problems that come his way with swift and bloody acts of violence – he was elected because of his terrifyingly effective methods rather than his personality. His more stable twin, Irnist the Wise, left Erik’s side to serve as Rune Priest to the Great Wolf, an act for which Erik has never truly forgiven him’

Whilst serving in his predecessor, Groth Foebane’s wolf guard, Erik learnt many a lesson many of which were as a result of clumsy leadership on Groth’s part, for although he was a fearsome warrior, almost unparalleled in the chapter, Groth wasn’t a man to ponder. He was brash and impetuous. Many a time Groth discounted intelligence gathered by his scouts opting to charge down the throat of the enemy leading to many space wolves dying, not the deaths of proud warriors of the All Father but of poorly led fools. Along with this Erik saw how many members of Groth’s wolf guard simply agreed with him just to appease his whims, as once he was set on a path he was immoveable as the Fang itself.

These experiences changed Erik greatly over time, greatly tempering his way of thinking. When Erik was elected he changed his company’s scouts from a group of neglected outcasts to key members of the company, the best scouts in the Chapter, if not the Adeptus Astartes. The scouts saved lives with their intelligence before cutting the hamstrings of the enemy allowing Erik’s other warriors to tear out its throat.
Groth did, however, manage to teach Erik one thing, the correct application of one’s shield and as a result many an opponents’ skull has been crushed be a backhand swing of Erik’s storm shield.
Hope you like the snow base - compliments to Owen for the bicarbonate of soda method :)
Next up for the painting desk - Land Raider

Monday, 1 November 2010

Wolf Guard: Harald Odinn


Ivarg IV had been overrun by a tendril of a Tyranid hive fleet. Before its inevitable downfall an urgent message begging for help had been sent via astropath to the Fang, the plea was swiftly answered by a task force sent by the Great Wolf and led by Morkai. In an effort to stall the hive mind before it could truly consume the planet the taskforce was to attack the main ‘nerve centre’ of the Tyranid force. The plan was for a massed assault from orbit utilising drop pods, thunder hawks and virtually the entire strength of the company. Something went wrong. Due to highly unpredictable atmospheric conditions on the doomed planet one hawk veered violently off course. Harald was part of the blood claw pack carried within that assault craft. The hawk crash landed behind enemy lines and into what might as well have been hell. Miles away from salvation the claw was forced to survive, constantly on a knife edge using their senses to their considerable limits. The pack fought its way toward the main front and its objective doggedly making ground. However the inevitable casualties and mental strain took its toll. Their wolf guard pack leader Ragnulf was slain and what had begun as a pack of 16 was whittled down to 10. Someone had to get the claw through, someone had to rise to the challenge or the result would be more losses to the constant Tyranid ambushes or – worse – the wulven.
Harald took up the position as pack leader and wielding his powerfist and furious readings of the Benediction of Iron, fought to defend every member of his pack from both Tyranid and wulven alike. By the end of the campaign to destroy the Tyranid hive mind or at least a portion of it, the company had all but given up hope of finding their lost brethren until out of the dense forest marched the claw, armour rent and scarred. The claw presented themselves before Morkai, no longer young immature blood claws but seasoned and hardened warriors worthy of the name Space Wolf. They were immediately made grey hunters and Harald promoted to the wolf guard for every member of his pack had insisted he be inducted due to his leadership. Although still as likely to take up their flagons of ale as the next wolves, there’s a hard and frosty edge to the young hunters for although they’re still young no other of their age can come close to imagining what they’ve seen.
For more photos of Harald look for posts detailing his pack
Praise Russ
P.s. Morkai's other Wolf Guards Jurgen and Ulf will be posted when painted

Wolf Guard: Hengist Gunnarr

Hengist is the physical embodiment of the stereotypical space wolf; a fearsome warrior, a cold hearted killer, a hearty drinker and a true wolf. Hengist has prowled battlefields across the galaxy and triumphed in the name of the All Father time and time again.

However Hengist isn’t at his master’s side in battle as both he and Morkai know that he is at his best when at the head of a squad with the enemy in front of them and bellowing a long savage howl. To many of the space wolves’ enemies the feral howl resonating from the imperial lines before battle is enough to sow the seeds of terror and panic, and if that fails then the image of Hengist charging fourth an incomprehensible war cry on his lips and thunder hammer in hand certainly makes them think twice.

Some suggest that it was Hengist’s wolf like nature alone that earned him a place in Erik’s wolf guard, and in the main this is true. Hengist leads his pack with the confidence of a seasoned veteran, the alpha of his pack, inflicting brutal damage on the enemies of the All Father. Balance this with a wolf’s cunning and the result is a perfectly orchestrated ambush the results of which are a smoking tank, butchered enemy squad, smoke rising from Hengist’s combi-melta and a terrible grin spreading across his lips revealing his lupine canines.

For other photos look for Hengist's mob in previous posts

Praise Russ

Wolf Guard: Haarkon Hakon

Many among the space wolves consider Erik Morkai to be a cold hearted and ruthless individual, however his company champion makes Morkai himself look warm and inviting in comparison. It’s said that if one looks into his eyes for long enough you’ll soon find yourself looking at a titanic wolf with a low growl on its lips rather than a man.
It’s rare to find Haarkon outside the practice arena, wielding a blunted axe and a scarred wooden shield whilst ducking and weaving beneath the blows of his sparing partners. In one memorable incidence an old wolf priest had been lecturing a blood claw pack for becoming too confident. At the end of the lecture he knew he still hadn’t had any effect and hence announced they would be spending the rest of the afternoon in the sparing chambers. When they arrived they found Haarkon stripped to the waist in the middle of a self designed training regime. Labouring under the illusion that the wolf priest had booked the sparring halls the blood claws demanded Haarkon leave. After a glance at the old wolf priest Haarkon said ‘If you and your brothers can land a blow on my flesh I’ll leave – arm yourselves’. The pack scrambled to arm themselves eager for an ‘easy’ 12 to 1 bout. The pack leader charged at the massive wolf guard but only received a broken cheekbone for his effort as the flat of Haarkon’s axe slapped him in the face. This set the tone for the few seconds which followed. Even though the blood claws possessed the same enhances physiology as Haarkon the results were 2 fractured skulls, a broken cheekbone, 4 broken collar bones, a cracked sternum caused by Haarkon's shield, 5 broken noses, 2 broken shins and numerous dislocations after Haarkon’s victims had been thrown across the arena. All were left unconscious or immobilised.
Whilst this ‘bout’ was occurring the wolf priest contemplated not the injuries being inflicted upon his young charges but if this was the ordeal Haarkon put his allies through what would the enemy suffer? Even though the wolf priest was a fearsome warrior himself and had taken many a life for the chapter he was in the moment pleased to be on the same side as Haarkon – Morkai’s champion. As Haarkon left he made a small bow as was due to a wolf priest’s rank and in recognition of the fact the priest had chosen him for this lesson for a reason – the blood claws needed to be put in their place by a ruthless figure, one that would show no quarter.....ever.
Praise Russ
P.s. This is the model I'd also use for Haarkon as a Wolf Guard Battle Leader and Morkai himself although for display purposes i'll get Morkai his due - a snowy (cough - bicarbonate of soda) senic base :) I'll post Morkai's fluff with the scenic base photos

Wolf Guard: Haegr Hallvardr

Although strictly Haarkon is the Erik’s company champion, Haegr upholds the company’s honour in the Space Wolves’ great halls. He holds every Chapter record for mead consumption (shortest keg consumption time & most mead consumed before unconsciousness) and the annual troll toss. Heagr’s true worth is however the heart and soul of both Erik’s wolf guard and the company. Haegr will always agree to a wager, always jest in the grimmest of circumstances and always be the first to smite the enemies of the All Father with thunder hammer and storm shield.The Canis Helix, gifted to all Space Wolves during initiation, bestows upon the recipient extraordinary advances in the senses of sight, smell and hearing. This genetic treatment seems to have affected Haegr more than many of his companions as he has an uncanny ability to sniff out the nearest viable foodstuffs in the field, the stench of an Ork planning an ambush or more importantly the presence of ale.
Praise Russ

Wolf Guard: Wulfgar Aki

During Erik’s time as a wolf guard to Groth he met Wulfgar. Old beyond measure Wulfgar was made a member of the wolf guard in the time of Groth due to his unmatched knowledge of heavy weaponry and ability to direct the company’s long fangs. Many battles have been won due to Wulfgar’s subtle manipulation of such firepower. Earlier in his career Wulfgar wielded a huge heavy bolter in battle however this heavy and comparatively cumbersome weapon was deemed too unwieldy when fighting to protect ones lord and hence he was forced to give it up. Although dismayed by his separation from his pride and joy Wulfgar quickly found solace in the form of terminator armour equipped with an assault cannon with which he dispatched armour and infantry with equal ease. Wulfgar’s knowledge of heavy weaponry is only one reason for why he is a valued member of Morkai’s wolf guard. He also serves as Erik’s ‘nay sayer’ constantly questioning a plan in minute detail. More than once Morkai has pretended to apologise to allied commanders for Wulfgar’s aggressive demeanour and questioning even though only minutes before he’d put Wulfgar up to the task.
Praise Russ

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Wolf Guard: Sven Randulfr

If Haarkon, the company champion, is Morkai’s right hand then Sven, Morkai’s shield bearer is his left. Early in Sven’s career as a freshly appointed grey hunter Morkai led his pack in a defensive action against a Dark Eldar kabal. During the battle the space wolf forces were attacked by all manner of lightning fast craft and highly agile warriors. Sven’s pack was in the thick of the melee and as a result suffered heavy casualties including the pack’s wolf guard member. Soon after the passing of Erik’s bodyguard Sven was the only member of the pack left defending his lord, he did not falter. Strapping the wolf guard’s storm shield to his forearm he swatted away countless attacks aimed at his lord taking many wounds himself as a result and dealing death with his chainsword to any who dared to try and strike at Morkai's flank. The pair fought back to back for the duration of the battle ending with Morkai himself carrying Sven’s unconscious form across his shoulders, the battered and sparking storm shield knocking against his armoured back, to the feet of Ranek the wolf priest. When Sven awoke from the red dream he was appointed to the wolf guard as Morkai’s shield bearer and gifted an ancient wolf claw. Sven has served Morkai ever since.

Sven is normally found either hidden in his master’s chambers evaluating visitors with a cursory sniff of the intruders scent or standing resolutely at his masters side, shield strapped across his back. Although maintaining a frosty demeanour to outsiders Sven possesses a wit as sharp as a kraken’s teeth and will often be heard arguing with Haegr about how many kills they’ve each made or joking with about how the last mob of Orks were defiantly more intelligent than this lot, the result being thunderous laughter from Haegr.
Praise Russ

Wolf Guard: Ulrik Radulf

Another member of the wolf guard left over from Groth’s reign Ulrik is the company skald, a keeper of tales and sagas, heroes and legend. Every frown, dark chuckle and swing of Morkai’s axe is remembered to keep awe in the eyes of the blood claws, to earn Morkai his place in history and most importantly to learn from any mistakes that may have been made along to way. In terms of advice Ulrik is at Morkai’s side to offer crucial information from the past; a warlords favoured lieutenant or a regiment’s weak point. This alone has won as many battles as Wulfgar’s heavy weapons or Hengist’s fearsome charges.
On the battlefield Ulrik marches to war wielding a twined pair of wolf claws. More than once an enemy challenger has swung for Ulrik only to find that a split second later his target has spun away from the clumsy effort, cleaved his weapon to pieces and buried his claws into his gut only to be wrenched upward in a single merciless stroke.
Praise Russ

Friday, 27 August 2010

Ranek the Wolf Priest

Standing ready to smite the enemies of the Golden Throne stands Ranek, second only to Ulrik the Slayer in the order of the Wolf Priests. Model wise i'm rather keen on the banner and the shield...... and the Ork head (cheers owen :)). Although there is verging on too much gold present I still hope it's affective :D
Praise Russ

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Harald marches forth with with his pack!

More wolves lope out of the mists surrounding the Fang!! This is the second pack, fluff and a wolf priest will be posted tomorrow :D enjoy spotting all the horrid mistakes and slip ups :P