Monday, 26 January 2009

The Termies: Loving Detail: Termy 2

The second lad cometh, the first termy to be painted. Took just over a week, bog standard pad, not my fav, see what you think.


The Termies: Loving Detail: Termy 1

Right, termie one, the last to be painted but by no means the rushed because of it, personally I quite like the heraldry on the pad, one of the best of the lot, save the BC. Anyway hope you enjoy…

The Termies (Some of the best models in the whole of 40K)

Right, here are the revered Grey Knight terminators, some of the best models in the 40k game and, I hope, painted to a half decent standard, in later posts I’ll go through them one by one. Try not to get too bored with them. :P


Sunday, 25 January 2009

First post: GK Dreadnought (Due to 'popular' demand)

Right then first post, after requests from Louis and Owen the first post is to be the GK dreadnought. 3 weeks and the first properly based piece i've produced and also probably the best peice overall. Hope you enjoy gawping at all the ugly mistakes :P