Monday, 1 November 2010

Wolf Guard: Harald Odinn


Ivarg IV had been overrun by a tendril of a Tyranid hive fleet. Before its inevitable downfall an urgent message begging for help had been sent via astropath to the Fang, the plea was swiftly answered by a task force sent by the Great Wolf and led by Morkai. In an effort to stall the hive mind before it could truly consume the planet the taskforce was to attack the main ‘nerve centre’ of the Tyranid force. The plan was for a massed assault from orbit utilising drop pods, thunder hawks and virtually the entire strength of the company. Something went wrong. Due to highly unpredictable atmospheric conditions on the doomed planet one hawk veered violently off course. Harald was part of the blood claw pack carried within that assault craft. The hawk crash landed behind enemy lines and into what might as well have been hell. Miles away from salvation the claw was forced to survive, constantly on a knife edge using their senses to their considerable limits. The pack fought its way toward the main front and its objective doggedly making ground. However the inevitable casualties and mental strain took its toll. Their wolf guard pack leader Ragnulf was slain and what had begun as a pack of 16 was whittled down to 10. Someone had to get the claw through, someone had to rise to the challenge or the result would be more losses to the constant Tyranid ambushes or – worse – the wulven.
Harald took up the position as pack leader and wielding his powerfist and furious readings of the Benediction of Iron, fought to defend every member of his pack from both Tyranid and wulven alike. By the end of the campaign to destroy the Tyranid hive mind or at least a portion of it, the company had all but given up hope of finding their lost brethren until out of the dense forest marched the claw, armour rent and scarred. The claw presented themselves before Morkai, no longer young immature blood claws but seasoned and hardened warriors worthy of the name Space Wolf. They were immediately made grey hunters and Harald promoted to the wolf guard for every member of his pack had insisted he be inducted due to his leadership. Although still as likely to take up their flagons of ale as the next wolves, there’s a hard and frosty edge to the young hunters for although they’re still young no other of their age can come close to imagining what they’ve seen.
For more photos of Harald look for posts detailing his pack
Praise Russ
P.s. Morkai's other Wolf Guards Jurgen and Ulf will be posted when painted

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