Monday, 1 November 2010

Wolf Guard: Haarkon Hakon

Many among the space wolves consider Erik Morkai to be a cold hearted and ruthless individual, however his company champion makes Morkai himself look warm and inviting in comparison. It’s said that if one looks into his eyes for long enough you’ll soon find yourself looking at a titanic wolf with a low growl on its lips rather than a man.
It’s rare to find Haarkon outside the practice arena, wielding a blunted axe and a scarred wooden shield whilst ducking and weaving beneath the blows of his sparing partners. In one memorable incidence an old wolf priest had been lecturing a blood claw pack for becoming too confident. At the end of the lecture he knew he still hadn’t had any effect and hence announced they would be spending the rest of the afternoon in the sparing chambers. When they arrived they found Haarkon stripped to the waist in the middle of a self designed training regime. Labouring under the illusion that the wolf priest had booked the sparring halls the blood claws demanded Haarkon leave. After a glance at the old wolf priest Haarkon said ‘If you and your brothers can land a blow on my flesh I’ll leave – arm yourselves’. The pack scrambled to arm themselves eager for an ‘easy’ 12 to 1 bout. The pack leader charged at the massive wolf guard but only received a broken cheekbone for his effort as the flat of Haarkon’s axe slapped him in the face. This set the tone for the few seconds which followed. Even though the blood claws possessed the same enhances physiology as Haarkon the results were 2 fractured skulls, a broken cheekbone, 4 broken collar bones, a cracked sternum caused by Haarkon's shield, 5 broken noses, 2 broken shins and numerous dislocations after Haarkon’s victims had been thrown across the arena. All were left unconscious or immobilised.
Whilst this ‘bout’ was occurring the wolf priest contemplated not the injuries being inflicted upon his young charges but if this was the ordeal Haarkon put his allies through what would the enemy suffer? Even though the wolf priest was a fearsome warrior himself and had taken many a life for the chapter he was in the moment pleased to be on the same side as Haarkon – Morkai’s champion. As Haarkon left he made a small bow as was due to a wolf priest’s rank and in recognition of the fact the priest had chosen him for this lesson for a reason – the blood claws needed to be put in their place by a ruthless figure, one that would show no quarter.....ever.
Praise Russ
P.s. This is the model I'd also use for Haarkon as a Wolf Guard Battle Leader and Morkai himself although for display purposes i'll get Morkai his due - a snowy (cough - bicarbonate of soda) senic base :) I'll post Morkai's fluff with the scenic base photos

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