Sunday, 4 August 2013

Space Wolf Army - Group Shots

Lone Wolf gets some company

Two new Fenrisian Wolves to protect the Lone Wolf

The Galaxy is changing - 6th Edition squad re-arming

Right so due to the challenge rules of 6th edition the Wolfguard leading the squads have traded in their powerfists, although Hengist was a little too fond of his thunderhammer to give it up. Harald and Ulf picked up some frost blades and the powerfist wielding chaps in the Grey Hunter squads also traded them in but for power axes. Wulfgar however fancied a something a little heavier than this wolf claw so picked up one of the spare powerfists. Ranek has also seen a change - A new head... and soon a jump pack... wonder what he'll need that for..

Praise Russ

Dreadnought - Ex-Wolf Lord Groth

After being condemned to his metal tomb by an Eldar Autarch and subsequently claiming his plasma singed revenge Groth stepped down from the post of Wolf Lord and has followed Morkai in every campaign sinceshattering defences, eliminating enemy engines and decimating opposing squads with supporting fire.

Praise Russ

Remember your 2" spacing - Plasma & Heavy Bolter Long Fangs

Just a side note - I hope the plasma coils came out well, you have no idea how long it took me to get the coil ridges consistent on the blasted things!

Praise Russ