Monday, 1 November 2010

Wolf Guard: Haegr Hallvardr

Although strictly Haarkon is the Erik’s company champion, Haegr upholds the company’s honour in the Space Wolves’ great halls. He holds every Chapter record for mead consumption (shortest keg consumption time & most mead consumed before unconsciousness) and the annual troll toss. Heagr’s true worth is however the heart and soul of both Erik’s wolf guard and the company. Haegr will always agree to a wager, always jest in the grimmest of circumstances and always be the first to smite the enemies of the All Father with thunder hammer and storm shield.The Canis Helix, gifted to all Space Wolves during initiation, bestows upon the recipient extraordinary advances in the senses of sight, smell and hearing. This genetic treatment seems to have affected Haegr more than many of his companions as he has an uncanny ability to sniff out the nearest viable foodstuffs in the field, the stench of an Ork planning an ambush or more importantly the presence of ale.
Praise Russ

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