Monday, 1 November 2010

Wolf Guard: Hengist Gunnarr

Hengist is the physical embodiment of the stereotypical space wolf; a fearsome warrior, a cold hearted killer, a hearty drinker and a true wolf. Hengist has prowled battlefields across the galaxy and triumphed in the name of the All Father time and time again.

However Hengist isn’t at his master’s side in battle as both he and Morkai know that he is at his best when at the head of a squad with the enemy in front of them and bellowing a long savage howl. To many of the space wolves’ enemies the feral howl resonating from the imperial lines before battle is enough to sow the seeds of terror and panic, and if that fails then the image of Hengist charging fourth an incomprehensible war cry on his lips and thunder hammer in hand certainly makes them think twice.

Some suggest that it was Hengist’s wolf like nature alone that earned him a place in Erik’s wolf guard, and in the main this is true. Hengist leads his pack with the confidence of a seasoned veteran, the alpha of his pack, inflicting brutal damage on the enemies of the All Father. Balance this with a wolf’s cunning and the result is a perfectly orchestrated ambush the results of which are a smoking tank, butchered enemy squad, smoke rising from Hengist’s combi-melta and a terrible grin spreading across his lips revealing his lupine canines.

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