Sunday, 31 October 2010

Wolf Guard: Sven Randulfr

If Haarkon, the company champion, is Morkai’s right hand then Sven, Morkai’s shield bearer is his left. Early in Sven’s career as a freshly appointed grey hunter Morkai led his pack in a defensive action against a Dark Eldar kabal. During the battle the space wolf forces were attacked by all manner of lightning fast craft and highly agile warriors. Sven’s pack was in the thick of the melee and as a result suffered heavy casualties including the pack’s wolf guard member. Soon after the passing of Erik’s bodyguard Sven was the only member of the pack left defending his lord, he did not falter. Strapping the wolf guard’s storm shield to his forearm he swatted away countless attacks aimed at his lord taking many wounds himself as a result and dealing death with his chainsword to any who dared to try and strike at Morkai's flank. The pair fought back to back for the duration of the battle ending with Morkai himself carrying Sven’s unconscious form across his shoulders, the battered and sparking storm shield knocking against his armoured back, to the feet of Ranek the wolf priest. When Sven awoke from the red dream he was appointed to the wolf guard as Morkai’s shield bearer and gifted an ancient wolf claw. Sven has served Morkai ever since.

Sven is normally found either hidden in his master’s chambers evaluating visitors with a cursory sniff of the intruders scent or standing resolutely at his masters side, shield strapped across his back. Although maintaining a frosty demeanour to outsiders Sven possesses a wit as sharp as a kraken’s teeth and will often be heard arguing with Haegr about how many kills they’ve each made or joking with about how the last mob of Orks were defiantly more intelligent than this lot, the result being thunderous laughter from Haegr.
Praise Russ

Wolf Guard: Ulrik Radulf

Another member of the wolf guard left over from Groth’s reign Ulrik is the company skald, a keeper of tales and sagas, heroes and legend. Every frown, dark chuckle and swing of Morkai’s axe is remembered to keep awe in the eyes of the blood claws, to earn Morkai his place in history and most importantly to learn from any mistakes that may have been made along to way. In terms of advice Ulrik is at Morkai’s side to offer crucial information from the past; a warlords favoured lieutenant or a regiment’s weak point. This alone has won as many battles as Wulfgar’s heavy weapons or Hengist’s fearsome charges.
On the battlefield Ulrik marches to war wielding a twined pair of wolf claws. More than once an enemy challenger has swung for Ulrik only to find that a split second later his target has spun away from the clumsy effort, cleaved his weapon to pieces and buried his claws into his gut only to be wrenched upward in a single merciless stroke.
Praise Russ