Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Land Raider - Wulfgar's Wrath

'The mammoth battle tanks of the Imperium have traversed battlefields across the galaxy. Some would say that the Leman Russ Battle Tanks of the Imperial Guard are the last word in armoured warfare however, even though they bare the name of our Primarch, they pale in comparison to the Godhammer pattern Landraider.'
Right then, above we can see Wulfgar's Wrath, one of the Land Raiders in the company of Erik Morkai and his personal transport.
Hope you like it.
Praise Russ
@Owen - good luck crackin' that open with your power klaw can openers :P


  1. Wow! looking nice, guess this is what you have been doing on the snow day!

  2. :D AND Long fangs and a Rune Priest now undercoated and ready to go - i.e. taking advantage of all the other snow days :P