Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Thunder comes to Fenris

Hello again folks, here we have another magnetised addition to Erik's company armory with a Stormfang/Stormwolf. Perfect for dropping a very nasty package of Wolf Guard or Blood Claws right where the enemy don't want them. All the weapon options have been magnetised and the eagle eyed among you will notice the extra engines from a Stormtalon rigged to replace the puny fins of the standard pattern flyer for a little more... umph... To reflect this the nameplates bear the name 'THOR', the Norse term for thunder. Very pleased with this one especially the trick with the engines. Hope you like it!!

Next project hint - A pair of Wolf Scout sniper teams have been trapped behind enemy lines... extraction required...

Praise Russ!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Armoury Expands... Crusader Style

Mars has shown Morkai's company favour and delivered them a full complement of Land Raiders... Basically I bought a Godhammer pattern LR and a Crusader pack, and magnetised the side weapon sponsons while assembling but not gluing down the front Assault Cannon & Heavy Bolters. Then you have a Land Raider that can be used as a Godhammer, Redemmer or a Crusader. Perfect for a howling pack of very eager, very angry Blood Claws.

Below you can see full 8 point rotations of each configurations along with shots of the two chaps on top... I'm quite pleased with the way the multi-melta chap came out especially the shields replacing the blast shield and managing to get a transfer onto the shoulder of baldy poking 'is 'ead out the front hatch.