Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Fast, Nimble... Deadly

Here we have a project which has taken far too long - Landspeeders. For game purposes these would be played as regular Landspeeders with a Multimelta and a Heavy flamer but for modelling purposes the Space Wolf Scouts have taken a shine to the Landspeeder Storm, kitted it out with additional heavy bolters in the doors and crammed enough kit into the compartments as possible. The 'theme' for the various little add-ons is based around the idea of the speeders being used to exfiltrate a 2 scout sniper team (1 spotter, 1 rifle), from hostile territory.... Probably should have stripped out a few of the weapons in the pursuit of speed but let's face it that was never going to happen.

There are a few little details i'm rather proud of:

- Heavy bolter 'sponsons'
- Fully detailed interiors

Yellow marked 'speeder:
- Axe, kit bag, fuel, ammo tin and spare Heavy Bolter stowed
- Sniper having removed the Heavy Bolter sponson to pick off targets with rifle instead

White marked 'speeder:
- Scout carrying Multimelta in front seat stood on ammo crates
- Spare sniper rifle

Next post - blood claws are packin' more than just bolt pistols and chainswords...




Praise Russ

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