Monday, 4 August 2014

Armoury Expands... Crusader Style

Mars has shown Morkai's company favour and delivered them a full complement of Land Raiders... Basically I bought a Godhammer pattern LR and a Crusader pack, and magnetised the side weapon sponsons while assembling but not gluing down the front Assault Cannon & Heavy Bolters. Then you have a Land Raider that can be used as a Godhammer, Redemmer or a Crusader. Perfect for a howling pack of very eager, very angry Blood Claws.

Below you can see full 8 point rotations of each configurations along with shots of the two chaps on top... I'm quite pleased with the way the multi-melta chap came out especially the shields replacing the blast shield and managing to get a transfer onto the shoulder of baldy poking 'is 'ead out the front hatch.

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