Saturday, 11 April 2009

Ok then the BC and present commander of my Grey Knight strike force :D although he's not kicked much ass yet i'm sure he's got much to come once i learn how to deply and use him correctly.....especially when a normal GK squad of 7 or 8 with a psycannon handed Zagstruk and 7 or 8 stormboys their asses on a plate :D i justicar survived only to be mown down by a vengeful battle wagon....sour puss :P Owen still remembers this regards this as a painful memory and refuses to comment about his new storm boys getting cut down by the waiting GKs just after deepstriking :D

My finest hour so far!! :D


  1. just cause we drew and i denied you of a win! :P

    yer zaggy was having a bad day.

  2. he got THRASHED :P it's the only moment i'm proud of in 40k....except that time when the vengeful Justicar took out the Truk:P

    yeah now that was a moment:P

  3. but addmittedly it was a draw... and well done for cutting me off :) good play sir, good play